Transportation Engineering - I (CEC505)


1. Job Opportunities in Transportation Engineer (Click for Video and Presentation )

Module 1 Highway Planning & Development

Module 2 Geometric Design of Highway

  • Geometric Design of Highways (Click for Video)

  • Design of Camber (Click for Video)

  • Stopping Sight Distance SSD (Click for Video)

  • Overtaking Sight Distance OSD (Click for Video)

  • Numerical Stopping Sight Distance SSD (Click for Video)

  • Numerical Overtaking Sight Distance OSD (Click for Video)

  • Road Widening (Theory and Numerical) (Click for Video)

  • Grade Compensation ( (Theory and Numerical) (Click for Video)

Module 3 Traffic Engineering

  • Introduction to traffic engineering (Video 1)

  • Vehicular & Driver Characteristics (Video 2)

  • Different Traffic Studies: Speed Studies

  • (Spot Speed and Speed and Delay Studies), (Video 1)

  • Traffic Volume, Parking Studies, Significance/applications of these studies;

  • different methods of conducting traffic studies, Methods of the presentation of data.(Video 2)

  • Introduction to relationship between Speed, density and volume;

  • Capacity: Different types and factors affecting the capacity, Passenger Car Units (PCU)

  • Introduction to different types of Traffic Control Devices:

  • Traffic signs, signals (no design), road marking. (Video)

  • Different types of intersections: At grade and grade separated; grade separated interchanges; rotary intersections. (Video)

  • Numerical on Traffic Survey (Video 1, Video 2)

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Practicals (Lab Work)


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Question Papers

  • CBCGS - Choice Based (Revised)

May 2019 ; Dec 2019 ; Dec 2018 ;

  • CBSGS Syllabus (Old Version) Mix Questions of TRE1 & TRE2

May 2018 ; Dec 2017 ; May 2017 ; Dec 2016 ; May 2016 ;Dec 2015 ; May 2015

Question Bank MCQ

Textbooks & References

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Traffic Survey Student Activity